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MAKTECH AND TEL CO. LIMITED (Maktech) is a dynamic Managed Services Provider in the telecommunications sector. With its head office in Tanzania, Maktech was founded by Godwin Makyao in 2001.

We are engaged in the installation and maintenance of telecom equipment. Over the years Maktech has made forays into several African countries where we have been involved in the execution of large scale Telecom Implementation projects in Mozambique, Uganda, DRC, Botswana, Madagascar and Mauritius; implementing leading vendors’ equipment such as Nokia, Huawei, Ceragon, Ericsson, Motorola, Stratex, ECI and others. The scope of these projects has covered network rollouts, expansions, SWAP and upgrades.

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We are the leader in managed services provision in the telecommunications sector in Tanzania. Our full time staff enrolment in Tanzania stands at nearly 200 full time staff. This is a phenomenal growth considering that at inception Maktech started with only four engineers.

Presently, Maktech has full-fledged offices serving the telecommunication industries in Tanzania and Mozambique. Projects have been successfully implemented in several countries across the continent and by 2024 we envisage that Maktech will be well established in Zambia, DRC, Botswana, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Maktech continues to combine the best installation and maintenance practices to offer a wide range of solutions which persistently drives its market dominance in the African telecom industry.

Our Mission

We provide secure, reliable, affordable and high-quality telecommunication solutions by creating exceptional value and opportunity to our customers, employees and investors.

Our Vision

To be the best and most reliable telecommunications contractor in Africa.

Our Business Ethics

We carefully keep track of the exciting developments in the telecom industry and derive important new tasks out of it. In our commitment to excellence in service, we train and retain the best technical and administrative staff across the region.

Honesty and Transparency

Truthfulness in all aspects of our business


Faithfulness to clients all the time


Reliability/dependability in our work


Acting with reasonable restraint on our works

Health, Safety and Well-being

Our aim is to eliminate fatalities and life-altering injuries from our operations, and to continuously reduce potential injury and health hazards at our sites. We have captured our commitment to safety through specific actions in our Occupational Health & Safety policy.

Every task has its own site-specific safety procedures, management plans and systems in place, in line with our Health & Safety Management Standard and international best practice. Through these systems we work to identify, understand, monitor and implement the safety controls appropriate to the risks present. With that spirit our both systems health & Safety and Quality are compliant with local standards as well as International standards.

Moreover, we are continuously monitoring to protect our staffs from occupational health issues though the following approaches.

1. Occupational Hygiene Surveys

We conduct job specific risk assessments to understand exposure levels across all parts of our operations.

2. Electrical Safety Survey

We conduct electrical safety analysis and ensure compliance to OSHA standards.

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We provide everyone entering operational areas of our site with the appropriate PPE.

4. Regular Medical Checks For Employees

We conduct baseline health checks pre-employment. We also check the staff who leaves the company. These are updated at regular intervals to track employee health and well-being against pre-employment levels, and to monitor effectiveness of controls in place.

We are successfully implementing the safety management systems standards ISO 45001:2018 and 9001:2015.

Local standards compliant,
Compliance License and Certificate of registration of work place

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Our Capabilities

We are a one-stop shop that can import, clear, warehouse, transport, install, commission, integrate, hand-over to customer, upgrade, recover and transport back to warehouse all unused or decommissioned materials.

Disposal of all unused materials and refuse in an environment-tally friendly manner.

Capacity to roll out more than 40 transmission links and more than 250 RF sites per month. We have rolled out more than 60% of RF installations and more than 30% of TX installations for all current operators in Tanzania and over 70% of the Vodacom Network.

Specialist experience in the BSC, RNC, BS, LTE, CDMA, ADSL IN platform, MGW, MSC and satellite sites.

Competent and highly qualified experinced local and expatriate engineers who manage all aspects of our projects roll out.

Integrating and commission all systems that we have in our service list.