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Founder & Chairman

I am so determined to achieve my goals and targets which I set. I don’t believe in IMPOSSIBLE, I believe in self-improvement, innovation and thinking harder for better solutions every day.

I always set challenging objectives and I push myself and my team to attain or exceed them. I strongly believe in teamwork and set achievable stretch goals; although some are long-term in nature.

I believe in doing things right the first time though I am also very patient to achieve what I want. I can keep on doing what I believe until I make it happen and I believe mistakes and risks are part and parcel of the package. I am not scared of taking risks or failure just as long as I know my destiny.

Godwin Makyao
Founder & Chairman

In ten years, Tanzania will be a leader among African nations in digital data usage, and Maktech will be there to make it possible.

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