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Maktech And Tel Co. Limited

MAKTECH AND TEL CO. LIMITED (Maktech) is a dynamic and the leading telecom Services Provider in Tanzania since 2001. We are engaged in the installation and maintenance of telecom Infrastructures and equipment..

With our HQ is located in Tanzania and an affiliated office in Mozambique, Maktech has presided over in the execution of large scale Telecom Implementation projects in Mozambique, Uganda, DRC, Botswana, Madagascar and Mauritius; implementing leading vendors’ equipment such as Nokia, Huawei, Ceragon, Ericsson, Motorola, Stratex, ECI and others..

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What We Do

Maktech has operated for over a decade in the telecommunications Industry and has proudly rolled out more than 80% network installations for the leading operators in Tanzania. Our teams have the capacity to rollout more than 250 RF sites in a month. Our Company has a wide-range of the best telecommunication engineers who are well trained, well-traveled and experienced with various vendors’ equipment. Experts and conversant with technologies ranging from GSM900/DCS1800, GPRS, WCDMA, HSDPA, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Fiber Optic and others.

Network Planning

Maktech works closely with customers in order to accurately define targets and outline expected performance criteria during project works. The company takes into account issues such as: optimal coverage area, anticipated site costs and a host of other essential factors involved in cellular network planning for large-scale, multiple site networks. In-depth planning includes comprehensive engineering for RF propagation analysis, model tuning and reviewing nominal plans. In addition, Maktech reviews all aspects of coverage, traffic and performance, as well as transport engineering for planning back-haul and interconnect requirements.

Network Deployment

Highly trained technicians get new software or hardware up and running properly in its environment, including installation, configuration, running, testing, and making necessary changes. Maktech manages all aspects of your network deployment to deliver peak efficiency. With the experience in the region, Maktech can take any size of the project by using cross country team and advantage of SADCC countries commercial agreement to strength the manpower from one country to another
Maktech has an excellent experienced team responsible for site acquisition. The team includes, but is not limited to legal experts, RF engineers, civil engineers and consultants who support our clients in negotiations during site acquisition. We have an outstanding keen record of identifying viable sites quickly and closing negotiations on time with minimal risks to our clients. Maktech has successfully acquired more than one thousand sites for different vendors in Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya. Our Team focus on different standards while doing site acquisition.

  • Negotiating lease contract terms
  • Ownership document verification
  • Suitable location as per telecom design
  • Legal Permits required
  • No objection certificate from the adjacent neighbors

Turnkey In-Built Solutions (IBS)

Often coverage in lower and interior parts of buildings is very poor and radio quality can’t be optimized. Our IBS (In-Building Solutions) provide an excellent solution in such scenarios. IBS is a platform (mini-site) for a wireless system providing mobile coverage inside buildings (offices, malls, hospitals etc), where the coverage, capacity or quality otherwise would not had been satisfactory. IBS can include both cellular standards such as GSM (2G), WCDMA (3G), and/or non-cellular standards like for example Wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

We have successfully deployed IBS solutions in more than one hundred multi-story buildings, hotels, malls and office buildings in Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. Advancements in technology now enable us to provide very small nearly invisible antenas inside the buildings that are even attractive to the eye.

Through transmission planning and transmission integration, Maktech offers a pool of features to develop and upgrade business support systems (BSS) with operations support systems (OSS) platforms, for enhanced adaptability to emerging technology and fast changing business requirements.
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Maintenance services are offered to our customers to reduce network complexity,improve reliability with remote/Web-based/on-site technical support,repair and spare management services, and optimize the cost of their operations..

Types Of Maintenance

  • Air Conditioning & All Electrical Equipment
  • Power – from Grid, Solar and Hybrid
  • Civil Works
We understand the critical importance of Fiber networks in communication systems’overall well-being, a strong emphasis on quality and safety has been our commitment,allowing delivery of reliable OFC networks across Southern and Eastern African geography.

Optical Fiber Network (OFC) roll-out is a significantly complex activity involving outdoor locations and deployment of large amount of manpower and machines. Similar broad parameters,procedures and precautions are used whether building an OFC network for a Telecom Operator,Power utilities or any other such users.

Regardless of the network location, we instantly detect, diagnose and remediate the network performance issues to avoid outages through error monitoring and fault management.

Maktech-managed NOC services effectively monitor network devices, and ensure each of them are functioning perfectly for secure and reliable infrastructure..